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Branco Yose

Branco Yose

Branco Yos is a grey stone that looks almost clear. The smoothed out pattern and black lines, combined with the color, give it the appearance of a newly glazed ice skating rink. One skater creating fine white lines in diagonals across the slab.


    This slab is from our own quartz selection located in our showroom. Prior to cutting and fabrication, all our materials are inspected for color and shade consistency, slab thickness, surface quality and blemishes.


    Thickness: 3cm

    Dimensions: 79''x123''

    Finish: Polished


    100% Natural Stone

    Heat Resistant: Withstands high temperature

    Scratch Proof: Glass and knife blade proof,

    Acid and Stain Resistant: Won't etch from acidic and dark substances

    Outdoor Suitable: Withstands sunlight and uv rays

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